Ice-cream Cart for hire!

Ice-cream Cart for hire!

August 12, 2016

It was until 1920s the gelato cart become famous in Rome, and it changed the way how people enjoy their gelato, from having it in restaurants to walking on the streets with their delicious ice-cream. Our signature ice-cream cart in Hong Kong will undoubtly be the "Mister Softee". 

We would like to provide you a unforgettable memory with our Gelato Cart. Our gelato cart can provides you great services in various occasions such as wedding, conferences, annual dinner, concerts and all sort of events and it can definitely impress your guests with nice refreshments such as tea-flavour ice-cream, gelato, sorbets, and drinks such as traditional tea, cold brew tea and handmade mocktails. 

Should you have any enquiry, please contact us through email at, or call us / whatsapp on +852 91709881.

Hope to serve you and your guests soon!!!


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